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We’re here to help podcasters launch, grow and monetize. Keep reading if you want to be a great podcaster that has a strong brand and makes money from their content!

Learn how to brand your show like the pros so you can add more value and personal greatness to your podcast. The Pro Podcast Branding course will provide you with amazing guidance you need.

Get the best strategies for marketing your podcast on every platform so that attracting your listeners is very easy. We’ll also show you how to market your podcast without social media!

Get the tools you need to make money from podcasting is multiple ways. We help podcasters create several income streams.d

It's time to do podcasting differently!

Podcasting is mainstream now. This means you can make more money and a greater impact. But the real key is to ensure that your podcast is presented differently than every other show on the market. Our plan is to work with podcasters to grow their platform and create mulitple income streams.

This program is for you if...

  • Want to deliver a message to the world

    We understand that it can be difficult to get your message out to the world and reach the right people. Our system is designed for you to make the biggest impact possible and become relevant in the dinsutry that you care about the most.

  • Are focused on connecting with your audience

    We don't just help you get more downloads for your podcast. These great systems will make it easier to connect to your customers and earn more revenue. The right people listening to your show is more important than how many people are listenering.

  • Want multiple streams of income

    Everyone wants to earn more money right now. Podcasting allows you to reach several income streams without doing nearly as much work. We're going to ensure that you can make money in several ways.

Pro Podcast Launch

Brand Your Podcast

Course 1: THe Pro Podcast Launch

The Pro Podcast Branding

Starting your show correctly is very important. Crafting your message, attracting your audience and positioning your podcast are all subjects covered in this course. This course is great even if you just want to rebrand your podcast.

  • Learn the best strategy for crafting a message that will separate you from your competition
  • Get the systems pros use to produce high quality podcasts with consistency
  • Access the best content creation methods that podcasters use to grow their shows.

Course 2: Monetizing for Podcasters

Make Money Podcasting

Every podcaster deserves to make money from their show. We’re going to teach you the top five ways to make money podcasting so you can have multiple income streams.

  • Learn how to get your podcast sponsored with small businesses AND large corporations quickly
  • Get the systems for being an amazing affiliate marketer and creating an extra income stream without doing more work
  • Get clarity on how you can sell your own products and services on your podcast to generate the most revenue.

Monetizing for Podcasters

Make Money Podcasting

Podcast Marketing Secrets

Build the Audience

Course 3: Podcast Marketing Secrets

Get Thousands of Subscribers

Every podcast needs listeners. We’re going to help you attract the right people to grow your show. Thousands of listeners only matters if they’re the right listeners. 

  • Learn how to use Facebook groups to grow your podcast and be a part of major communities. Also, learn how to use Facebook to run ads that build your podcast quickly.
  • Get the methods for quick Instagram growth. We’ll train you on the best content styles for growing on Instagram and getting more real subscribers.
  • You’ll learn the best system for using Twitter as a podcaster. This lesson is going to train you on the ways to survive as a Twitter user.
  • Get the LinkedIn system for connecting with the ideal listeners and decision makers. You’ll also learn the best content strategies for getting subscribers from LinkedIn and going viral!

What People are Saying

Here are some of the clients Coach Chris has served. Since 2018, Chris has worked with hundreds of podcasters to grow their shows and develop new income streams.

Work with Coach Chris

The Ultimate Podcast Bundle also includes two one on one coaching session with Coach Chris. After working with over three hundred podcasters one on one, there is no one better to answer your questions and provide you with resources to improve your podcast.

  • All sessions are recorded and delivered directly to your email
  • Resources and tools will be provided to help you instantly improve your podcast and your brand
  • Get exclusive strategies that can’t be found anywhere else in the world!

Bonus: Podcast Ambassadors Masterclass

We’ve designed a system to create lifetime supporters and believers in your brand. Podcast ambassadors workw ith you to market your amazing content to the world every single week.

We’re going to show you how to find the perfect ambassadors and get them on your side to ensure your podcast always gets the support it deserves.

Lifetime Support
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The Best Tools
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Multiple Revenue Sources

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