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Launch Your Podcast with a Plan so You Can Create Your Own Market

Launching a podcast has to be more than recording episodes and making them available for release. Does HBO ever release a show without a trailer? Netflix shows you a lot about their movies before you see them right?

The Elite Podcast Marketing Agency helps you create a platform and launch in an efficient way that generates growth for your business. The Podcast Launch Kit we use ensures brand awareness and impacted revenue.

We’re not like other podcast production companies. We have unique systems and tools that make your podcast different from any other show on the market.

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Grow instantly

The Trailer Strategy

The Content Blitz is our system for planning your first season. This helps you start your podcast with subscribers BEFORE your first episode goes live!

Work with our professional voice over specialists and veteran coaches to launch your podcast with power!

Coach Chris - Podcast Launch Kit
Coach Chris - Elite Podcast Marketing Agency

Connect with listeners

Action Episodes

Most podcasters get lost doing interviews. We want to show you the system for connecting with your ideal listeners on a deeper level.

The strategy helps you display your expertise and is proven to increase lead generation.

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Professional Advice

One on One with Coach Chris

Work with Coach Chris to ensure the success of your podcast. He has over six years experience producing, launching and growing podcasts. 

Branding Layers

Position Your Podcast

Positioning for Success

The only way for your show to be successful is to create branded layers that your audience can connect with whenever an episode goes live.

Unique Strategies

Separate Yourself 


We'll show you some very unique strategies for making sure your podcast doesn't sound like any other show on the market.

How it Works


First we develop positioning and key marketing methods for your podcast. We ensure that your show is different from any other content on the market and designed so that your business benefits from every piece of content you create.

Set Up

We'll get your podcast added to all the top platforms. (Every launch company can do this.) We'll also get your podcast featured on the top platforms in your industry. Your show will receive publicity BEFORE the first episode goes live! Imagine what this does for your brand overall.


Now it's time to launch your show! This is when all episodes begin to go live. We'll hold your hand along the way to ensure all content is professionally produced and marketed above industry standards.

Build Your Platform Now

Every podcast needs a clear strategy to be successful. Launching without a plan will result in a failed show, wasted time and money. Let us help you be great. Get started now!