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How do you change the oil on a 2005 Dyna Wide Glide?

Last Updated: 11th October, 2021

Unscrew the oil filler cap from the oil tank. Remove the oil drain plug from the bottom left side of the motor's crankcase with a 5/8-inch socket. Place an oil pan beneath the drain plug and allow the oil to drain completely. Remove and replace the drain plug's O-ring with a new O-ring.

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In this manner, how do you change the oil on a wide glide on a Dyna?

Using a funnel, fill the crankcase with approximately 2.5 quarts of oil.

Step 3 – Install drain plug and fill with oil

  1. Re-install the filler cap/dipstick and start the motorcycle.
  2. Inspect for any oils leaks.
  3. After the engine has run a few minutes, shut the bike off and check the oil level. Top up as necessary.

Similarly, how often should I change the primary oil in my Harley? The Evolution Sportsters have wet clutch and primary drives. It is recommended to change the oil at 1,000 miles, then every 10,000 miles after that. The manufacturer recommends using 20w50 oil.

Moreover, where is the engine oil drain plug Harley Davidson?

In the manual it clearly states the drain plug is on the left front side of the engine.

What oil should I use in my Harley primary?

Use whatever dyno oil is on sale- 5w30, 10w30,whatever. ATF works fine and is helpful in determining if oil leaks are engine, primary or tranny. The splash lube environment in the primary doesn't require a super special oil. I use HD Formula+ and have good results.

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How much oil goes in the primary?

Just pour a quart in the primary. Transmission will take about 23-24 oz., maybe some more, maybe less. The dipstick has a full mark on it.

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How much oil does a 88 twin cam?

The engine oil capacity is 3 quarts (2,800 ml; 100 imp fl oz). Most likely there is still oil left over in the sump, so fill it with 2 quarts (1,900 ml; 67 imp fl oz) and check the dip stick. Add oil until the oil level is between the low and high indicators on the dip stick. Replace the fill cap.

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How do you check transmission fluid on a Harley Davidson?

To check the level, unscrew the dipstick with the hex bit and wipe off any oil, then reinstall/replace the dipstick to the point where only the O-ring makes contact with the transmission surface. Then unthread the dipstick and check the fluid level on it; the fluid should be in between the A and F marks.

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What fluids need to be changed in a motorcycle?

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Fluids
  • Oil. Motorcycle oil serves three main purposes within an engine and transmission.
  • Coolant. For long lasting cooling performance, you should only use motorcycle and powersport specific engine coolant/antifreeze.
  • Brake Fluid.
  • Transmission Oil.
  • Fork Oil.
  • Hydraulic Clutch Fluid.

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How do you change the primary oil on a Softail?

How to Change the Oil in the Primary Chaincase of a Harley
  1. Take your Softail for a brief, 10-minute ride.
  2. Place an oil drain pan below the primary chaincase on the left side of the engine.
  3. Remove the drain bolt O-ring and wipe the bolt threads and tip with a shop rag.
  4. Remove the round clutch inspection cover and gasket from the primary chaincase, using a T27 Torx wrench.

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What is the primary on a Harley Davidson?

The primary drive on this motorcycle is a very wide Kevlar/rubber belt. The large chain is the final drive. All the engine's power ends up going to the back wheel. The engine's power ends up going to this extremely wide back wheel.

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Who makes Harley Davidson oil?

AMSOIL INC. has 30 years of experience providing superior lubricating protection for all brands of motorcycles, and AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oils have been tested in millions of over-the-road miles.

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How do you change the primary oil on a Harley Ultra Classic?

Tools you need to change motorcycle primary fluid
Locate the primary-fluid drain plug, which is right below the primary case. Next, use the socket wrench and T27 torque bit to remove the primary cover. There are five bolts; make sure you set them somewhere safe and so you don't lose them. Set the primary cover aside.

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How much oil does a Harley transmission take?

When filling the transmission, use Harley-Davidson TRANSMISSION LUBRICANT (Part No. 99892-84 (qt.) or 99891-84 (gal.)). The transmission fluid capacity is approximately 24 ounces (0.71 liters).

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How much oil does a Harley 103 take?

3 qts engine oil. 1 qt. trans oil and 1 qt. Primary oil.

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How many quarts of oil does a Harley take?

Book calls for 4 quarts but Put in 3.5 quarts with filter change and then run bike until it gets hot and recheck. Because the oil is Synthetic is will not expand. If you run bike at highway speeds and oil starts coming out of the air cleaner, you've put too much in the engine.

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What oil should I use in my Harley primary?

A: No. SYN 3 is a 20W50 multi-use full synthetic oil that can be used in the transmission, primary, and the engine according to the Factory. SYN 3 is convenient in that only one oil type need be used in the engine and drivetrain.

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