branding over everything

Branding Over Everything

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Podcasting is branding. In today’s episode, Coach Chris explains how podcasting can impact your brand for five years and beyond. A brand pillar is going to make your company stand out from the entire market.

There aren’t any new ideas or businesses floating around. You have to find a unique way to stand out and impact the right people. Coach Chris gives you a few ways you can use a podcast to brand yourself or your copy for the next 10 years. Strategies include:

  • How to become known for a thing and commit to that truth
  • Why passion is always most important
  • The key piece to positioning in the online world.

Branding has to be the most important aspect of every company and even us as people. When you create a great personal brand, it’s easy to attract more opportunities and even make life-changing connections. As the brand of your company grows, you’ll get those repeat customers that become a lifeline of your business.

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