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The Creative Assists: Podcast Marketing

The Scenario

Podcast marketing can be challenging. There are thousands of shows available and even more are going live. The podcast industry has surpassed 1,000,000 shows in total. This means that competition is rising.

One market thats getting even more crowded is the creative space. More and more creative entrepreneurs and industry experts are launching podcast. Dexter, host of the Creative Assists Podcast, experienced some blocks in the road when marketing his podcast. There are a ton of other creatives with their own podcasts attempting to grow in this stage.

The Problem

Launching a podcast is easy. There are hundreds of courses and coaches out there ready to help you launch your show. (We have the best systems.) Dexter had already passed the point of launching his podcast. He needed help marketing his show to acquire new listeners, retain listeners and build a real audience that was engaged with his content. 

Podcast marketing means two very specific things. First, you need to attract new listeners. This includes people who already listen to podcasts and align with your show message. Secondly, you need a strategy to retain the listeners that you do attract. Most hosts focus so much on getting new people, they completely forget about the other listeners that are loyal to the show!

Dexter tried marketing his podcast on Twitter. Initially, thats where a lot of his efforts were focused. The repurposed content shared for Creative Assists just wasn’t reaching the correct audience and having the influence Dexter desired.

The real problem Dexter had was marketing his show. How do you market a podcast when there are already fifteen like it on the market? What’s the strategy for that? The Elite Podcast Marketing Agency had just the thing.

The Solution

First we needed to define the message Dexter wanted to deliver to fellow creatives in the world. Podcast marketing effectively requires you to have a message that will impact your listeners. Using the Messaging Pyramid, Dexter was able to define the exact message he wanted to deliver to his people and exactly how to use episodes to deliver his idea consistently. The Messaging Pyramid covers your topic selection, value proposition and a few other key elements.

Next, we selected a new platform for Creative Assists to market their content and deliver value. Once they shifted to Instagram, the engagement and reactions raise to a new high and the consumption of their content continued to grow.

Lastly, we had to discuss their content styles. The regular posts that podcasters use just aren’t enough for a show to stand out. Creative Assists had to do something different. Dexter was committed to creating more content that would educate the creatives he wanted to subscribe to his show.

The Benefits

The real benefit of the Podcast Roadmap was the long term impact it had on the Creative Assists Podcast. The show has been ranked several times and has also began building a community by acquiring high quality guests. Each week new creative guests join the show to discuss ways they’ve impacted the world with their gifts. Another great benefit has been the relationships built with potential sponsors! Yes, there are companies waiting in line to sponsor the ranked Creative Assists podcast.

Podcast Marketing

We’re here to help podcasts market on the next level. Our Podcast Roadmap goes through three key phases that ensure growth and development of a show.

  • Podcast Audit is where we start to analyze the current state of your podcast and see where you can improve. This covers key elements such as your show presentation, production and execution.
  • Goal setting is next because we want you to see where you can improve first. That allows you to set more realistic goals that will help you grow a lot faster.
  • Podcast marketing strategies are last. This is where we develop your message, choose your platform and then create your content styles.

The Podcast Roadmap is the perfect tool for podcast hosts that have been producing their show and creating content for a while but haven’t gotten results. We can help you get more from the show you’re hosting. If you have any questions, schedule a time with us now!

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