Clients from Podcasting

Clients from Podcasting: Your Show is a Lead Magnet!

Most business owners start a podcast with the hopes that their business will grow. The dream is to have hundreds of prospects subscribing to their mailing list every week and sliding through the traditional funnel. It’s a nice dream but that’s not how this works. The way you get clients from podcasting is not the same as any other form of content. In fact, we see a lot of podcast hosts quit their show within the first 20 episodes because they didn’t see their content impact their business’ bottom line.

There are systems that you can use to get more clients from podcasting. The process isn’t complicated and it will help you get more out of the show you’ve been working so hard to market.

Clients from Podcasting

Step 1: Create a Free Tool

The first step in this system is to create a free tool that your listeners can use instantly. No, not an ebook. This has to be something much more in-depth. Think of this free tool as an entry to your community. The goal of this free tool is to help your audience make some sort of instant progress with their main problem.

For example, if you were a fitness trainer and you had a health podcast, your free tool could be something like a one-week workout plan. You could provide something of value to your audience that’s very basic and helps them get started. The correct tool will help build trust with your audience.

Step 2: Promote the Tool and Sharing

Promotion has to have the correct intention. If you want to get clients from podcasting, think about promotion from your subscribers as a favor. Here are a few tactics that our clients use to promote their show:

  • Mention sharing at the beginning of the show. This way they won’t forget when they stop listening.
  • Offer a giveaway for sharing. The possibility of a $20 gift card on Amazon can start more conversations than you’d imagine.
  • Give shoutouts to the people that do share the show. People love to hear their name mentioned on larger platforms.

All of these methods can be used together for maximum results. What’s interesting about asking your subscribers to share is that they actually want to but seem to forget very often. A simple reminder can get them to execute with consistency. Next, you have to start a conversation.

Step 3: Start a Conversation

This is where most hosts mess up. Instead of starting a conversation with their listeners, they try the old school email sequence strategy. This is great when you’re trying to sell a course or coaching program. But when someone starts with your podcast, you have the upper hand to start a conversation a lot faster and easier.

The easiest way to do this is ask listeners to share the show and tag you directly. After that, you have to start the conversation. Whether they tag you on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you can then give them a follow and start asking questions about their problems. Solving their problems directly is a great way to build a raving fan forever.

I know it sounds like a lot of work. Let’s recap the process.

  1. Prospect listened to your episode and loved it.
  2. Share it on social media and tag you.
  3. You send a message and start helping them.

At this point, you’ve started to earn their trust. Now is the time where you can introduce another free tool OR go for the phone call. If you want a long term client or plan on selling a product over $100, you should probably get them on the phone.

Get More Clients from Podcasting

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