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3 Ways Podcasting Impacts Your Business

Podcasting impacts your business in various ways and the Greatness Podcast Network wants to help you get more from your show. Hopefully you already have a podcast and just need help getting more results. If not, we can help you get more from your creation as well. First, let’s talk about the different ways your business changes once you have a show that serves your people.

Attract the Correct Audience

What is the purpose of your podcast? You have to ask yourself this. It will determine what’s important to you in the content creation process.

If your goal is to get sponsored, you’ll want as many downloads as possible. It would be perfect for you to have thousands of downloads every week. That’s what sponsors want to see. The more downloads you get, the more money you can make from the show.

But if you care about impacting your business, the goal should not be hundreds of thousands of downloads. I mean, that’s not a bad thing, but other things are a lot more important when you have different goals with your podcast. 

Attract the Correct Audience - 4 Ways Podcasting Impacts Your Business

Instead of focusing on how many people are listening, your measurement should analyze who is listening. As a business owner, you should understand that a large audience of people that don’t fit your ideal prospects’ profile is useless. Your strategy should always be to have a smaller audience but a large majority of those subscribers are interested in your services.

Lacking the attention of your correct audience only leads to a waste of content. Several businesses develop shows and release content but don’t reach their ideal prospects. That only leads to companies losing belief in podcasts and its importance. 

Pro Tip: Businesses can measure who is listening to their show by asking the audience to share episodes on social media and tag the business. Now, you can see who posts your show and cares about sharing it with their followers as well. Following these accounts back or even responding to them by asking questions is a great way to build a relationship with your audience members and learn more about who they are.

Build Your Own Platform

There might not be anything better than having your own platform. Let’s just think about what that means for a second. When you have your own platform, you make the rules, decide how everything goes and your business receives all the benefits. The challenge is building that platform.

Podcasting impacts your business when you have your own platform because you have the ultimate trust of the audience. Your business has the highest level of credibility when the viewers and listeners understand that you’re creating content to serve them.

Build Your Own Platform - 4 Ways Podcasting Impacts Your Business

For example, if you have a fitness brand that helps mothers live a healthier lifestyle, it would be easier to get your ideal prospects when they trust you. The trust is built through great content that is posted consistently. Episodes should include different tips and methods that solve their most basic problems. Making things easier for your audience will immediately make you the most credible source. They’ll start to share the content with their friends who want to same results.

Good content helps a company become referable in their specific space. But great show content is how podcasting impacts your business for years to come.

Slow Cook Your Leads

You already have a business so you know how important prospects are. A lot of businesses and business owners don’t understand how to nurture leads. Better yet, they still try to nurture leads through emails. I’m not saying emails aren’t important, content is just much better. Specifically podcast content.

Podcast content impacts your business by providing useful information to your leads with consistency. The audience will not only grow, but they’ll want to work with your business and see what other types of value you offer. Once they trust that you can solve their problem, they’ll want to take that next step and see what other value is offered.

Slow Cook Your Leads - 4 Ways Podcasting Impacts Your Business

The most underrated aspect of podcasting is the ability to nurture leads without even knowing it. Let’s say your show has been releasing content for six months. When someone discovers your show, they can go and binge listen to all of the episodes that bring value to them personally. And if you as the podcast host are making sure your content serves a specific audience, they’ll have more than ten episodes that can help them out! Now they’ll listened to you for hours and hours in just a few days.

This is a process that we’ve personally seen happen for the Entrepreneur Action Plan podcast and our other clients. They’ll receive contact information from prospects that are immediately ready to work because the podcast episodes did the heavy lifting of nurturing the prospects.

Pro Tip: Be prepared for the scolding hot prospects that come from your podcast. These are people who will understand what they want from you instantly. They won’t need more emails to explain what you do. The scolding hot leads from podcasts will test your sales process.

Podcasting Impacts Your Business by Increasing Your Sales

Selling is why most businesses have a podcast. Unless you’re covering pop culture or fashion, you probably want to sell some type of product or service. That’s exactly what your strategy should be. There is no point in creating content that won’t impact your bottom line in some way.

As your show grows and you learn more of the right content to produce, how to serve your audience on a deeper level and even more products to deliver. Your business will never be the same once you start producing high quality podcast content that serves the same people you create products to help.

The Greatness Podcast Network helps businesses and business owners launch their podcasts and even manage their show monthly. We create an environment where you can be the star of your platform! Let us know if you’d like our help in getting started or getting your time back.

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