Creating your Own Lane

There is No Competition!

There are over 1,000,000 podcasts available now. That doesn’t mean your show has to get lost in the noise. We’re here to help you create your own platform and separate yourself from the competition. Our goal is to make you the superstar.

Elite Podcast Marketing Agency

We Launch and Grow Podcasts

Our goal is to help professional podcasts build their brands and grow their business using audio. We make life easier for businesses to deliver the valuable content that makes their business great and attracts new customers. 

Elite Podcast Marketing

Create your market

Podcast Domination Plans

There are so many podcasts but very few hosts understand how to market their show. We help our clients create plans so they can reap the full benefits of hosting their own show. Our systems are proven to launch podcasts that generate leads and impact your bottom line.

Start building your platform

Podcast Launch Kit

In 2020, every business needs to create their own content to be relevant to ideal customers. Our systems are proven to launch platforms that generate leads and impact the bottom line of a business. We don’t launch podcasts, we create platforms!

Chad and Holly - Elite Podcast Marketing Agency

Coach Chris helped us launch a podcast that instantly generated leads for our business! We got results from our show the first week when the Content Blitz began. If you get the chance, you should definitely work with Coach Chris to launch your podcast.

Monthly Services

We Market For You

Monthly Podcast Marketing

There is no need to hire a podcast production team AND social media team AND extra assistants. We handle the production and marketing of your podcasts so you can focus on being the best business owner possible.

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